Program Timelines

To remain in good academic standing, students should meet the following milestones. If they do not anticipate meeting these requirements, they should meet with their advisor as soon as possible. For more information on the MA and PhD program timelines, please see the Roshan GIDP Graduate Studies Handbook.

1st Year

  • Spring Semester: Plan of Study Approved on GradPath

2nd Year

  • Spring Semester: All coursework complete, including language requirements

3rd Year 

  • Fall Semester: Comprehensive exams (written and oral) passed
  • Spring Semester: Dissertation proposal defended 

4th Year

  • Dissertation credits complete 

5th Year

  • Ideally, the dissertation will be defended and approved in the fifth year. However, students may continue to register for dissertation units and work on the dissertation as needed beyond the fifth year as long as they continue to make measurable progress on the dissertation.

Year 1

  • Spring Semester: Plan of study approved on GradPath

Year 2

  • All coursework complete, including language requirements

  • Ideally, the MA thesis is defended and approved at the end of the second year; however, students may continue to work on their thesis and register for thesis units as long as they make measurable progress on the thesis.